The Kyoto Archive of Art by People with Disabilities

平田 猛

HIRATA Takeshi

Born in 1936, Lives in Kyoto City
General Incorporated Association Kawagoe Hospital



Every day, Takeshi Hirata draws something in his sketchbook from his bed. He draws various motifs, including a human body that consists of what seem to be organs he has depicted as circles. Looking carefully at his drawings, there also appears to be a mixture of information he collects from TV or the newspaper.

From the numerous drawings in his sketchbook, we understand his attempt to analyze the inside of the human body based on the information and happenings that surround him. For example, even the strings and pigs he often draws (although he writes <puta> instead of the correct <buta> in Japanese for ‘pig’) almost correspond to the lines and shapes of the body.

Whilst it is true that we own our own bodies, it is very difficult to see everything inside of them. Perhaps those unknowable elements are the driving force that keeps Hirata drawing. He continues to draw to this day, no matter what anyone else thinks.


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