The Kyoto Archive of Art by People with Disabilities

池上 洋二


Born in 1974, Lives in Kyoto prefecture
Social Welfare Cooperation Souraku Fukushikai Souraku Sagyousho


Joined Souraku Sagyousho in April 1997. While being involved with pottery, he enjoys participating in a drawing program once a week. All his work is created during this program.

・Yoji Ikegami draws to express his view by looking at picture books or photographs.
・He enjoys drawing while chatting and joking around. He values the process over the outcome of the work; his works even show his feelings of the day he created it. Though he tends to repeat drawing the same animals he likes, his expression varies, as does his color scheme and color combinations. We see his creativity in his innovative work; any one line is well-designed and that unquestioningly depicts the power of life.
・Yoji also enjoys doing sketches called “vermilion sketches” before he draws. This is an intentional playtime that draws his teacher’s attention, where he uses a colored crayon until it is merely a stub. He predominantly uses red or blue but he eventually learnt that something like vermilion which is more difficult to buy caused a bigger reaction from the teacher. Since then, he calls these his “vermilion sketches” and fills the blank pages of drawing pads with the color, delighting in the nuisance he causes.

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