Born in 1948 | Lives in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture | Painting

Toru Hamanaka produces drawings at home


Ever since HAMANAKA Toru began drawing pictures at the age of 19, he has self-taught and continued to draw his own view of the world.

Each painting tells its own story: one is of a flog listening to a crystalline radio, another of flying mechanical watch insects, and yet another depicts a camera with unusual functions.
These works are produced using an original method. Using a ruler or a compass, Toru copies a preliminary sketch onto a sheet of tracing paper and attaches pencil powder on the back of the paper. He traces the line from the front of the paper, transferring the line onto the final paper. He then draws the line with a freehand technique, producing uniform and delicate lines.
His ability of careful observation is indispensable to creating this unique world. He says, "I like to stop to observe things along the road. Even in December you can find at least three spring flowers if you look for them." His pieces are created from careful observation of this world, which we so often take for granted without even realizing it.



共生の芸術祭「Hello World」(イオンモール京都桂川)
道ばたで見つけた ちいさないきもの(art space co-jin)
共生の芸術祭「アートと障害のアーカイブ・京都」(京都文化博物館 別館ホール / 舞鶴赤れんがパーク)
SOU-JR総持寺駅アートプロジェクト 第4回展示「時の戯れ」(JR総持寺駅構内自由通路)
アール・ブリュット ―交差する物語―(ボーダレス・アートミュージアムNO-MA)
アール・ブリュット ―日本人と自然―(びわ湖大津プリンスホテル、岩見沢アール・ブリュットギャラリー)

Artist Collections

  • 道端

  • トランジスタラジオ

  • 歌を聞きたい

  • 音楽

  • モシモシコチコチ

  • (タイトル不明)

  • 機械

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