• IKEGAMI Yoji

    Born in 1974 | Lives in Kyoto prefecture | Painting

    He draws animals and plants in bold compositions and colors by looking at pictorial books and photos. He draws his favorite motifs repeatedly, but the color scheme and color mixtures change each time. His creative schemes are found in his novel expression, and his lines express the powerful existence of a life to the fullest. During his production, he enjoys drawing while conversing and making jokes with the staff and other facility users.

  • UEBA Chiharu

    Born in 1979 | Lives in Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture | Embroidery

    Chiharu Ueba loves embroidery and cleaning. She sometimes enjoys word games with the facility staff while working on her embroidery. She draws a sketch, matches sewing machine threads of various colors, and starts embroidering after arranging the threads. Anything from color matching, yarn making, and composition of embroidery pieces are original and come under the title: "Chiharu Stitch".

  • UNI hidehiro

    Born in 1978 | Lives in Kyoto City | painting

    Hidehiro Uni became a member of Atelier Woof when he was a junior high school student. Back then, his pictures often did not fit on the small sheets of papers he used; instead they became three-dimensional, cut up, pasted and put together. Soon he showed his talent in oil painting. Drawing a horizontal line in the canvas produces an image in him, which feature dynamic composition and youthful and surreal color palettes. He continues his creative work at his own pace at Atelier Woof as well.


    Born in 1961 | Lives in Joyo City, Kyoto Prefecture | painting

    Akio Kawamura has always loved drawing pictures. His works from around 2010 have been stored in the social welfare facility “DO”. He often draws pictures in his room at the welfare facility, even outside of his club activity hours, and continues to confront his sketchbook until he feels it is enough. The number of such sketchbooks exceeds 100, and eventually they all turn out to be colorfully detailed, looking slightly the same but also slightly different. There is a certain world of Mr. Kawamura which is being spread outwards. He particularly likes Tokyo Tower, and colorfully draws places such as Downtown Tokyo, centered on Tokyo Tower as well as Lake Biwa and Mount Hiei.

  • KIMURA Koichi

    Born in 1976 | Lives in Kyoto City | ceramics

    Mr. Kimura produces his original “Yokai” monsters through his pottery, such as a kappa (a mythological water goblin), monkeys with humorous expressions, or creatures with body parts such as their limbs, eyes, nose and mouth that are freely combined. He sometimes makes many works based on the same motifs, but he still ultimately creates a variety of different works. When he was in elementary school, he became a fan of “Yokai” because of Shigeru Mizuki, a famous manga artist. He initially copied those seen in cartoons, and gradually began drawing his own originals. After he started attending Shuko Gakuen (social welfare facility), he gradually began creating ceramics, and now he makes three-dimensional ceramic objects at the facility, along with drawing a lot of pictures with a pencil on B5 size paper at home.

  • KIMURA Masahiko

    Born in 1984 | Lives in Kyoto City | Painting

    Draw a picture with a unique touch using a colored pencil. The screen is made up of a collection of small touches known by the nickname "Kyunikyuni", this creates a unique visual effect and serves to attract viewers. Each time, various motifs are drawn by viewing photos and magazines. He loves horses and TV variety shows.

  • KOKUBO Yukihiro

    Born in 1974 | Painting

    Yukihiro Kokubo applies layer upon layer of thick crayon and light paints.His process is like an endless journey passed over time and time again. Sometimes he applies his brush while humming a distinctive melody. He paints a sense of lightness and deepness into the paper.The weight of his art is truly astonishing.

  • GOTO Minoru

    Born in 1968 | Lives in Kyoto Prefecture | Painting

    He started drawing pictures after he participated in a workshop in 2013. Minoru is a quiet, sincere, and serious person. His painting style features accurate and realistic drawings that reflect his personality. When he cannot fit a motif on one side of the paper, he continues drawing on the reverse of the paper, which is quite unconventional. His distinctive and brilliant coloring is also very beautiful.


    Born in 1948 | Lives in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture | Painting

    Since he began drawing at the age of 19, he has been continued to draw his own worldview. Among the delicate paintings created by his unique technique, there is an iron ore frog listening to the radio, a mechanical watch bug, and even a camera with its own original functions, etc. The artist is developing various stories in each picture.

  • HIRATA Takeshi

    Born in 1936 | Lives in Kyoto City | Drawing

    Takeshi Hirata keeps drawing in a sketchbook on his bed every day. There are various motifs including human bodies composed of internal organs, letters, simplified animals, medicines, landscapes seen outside of windows, etc. There are a huge number of drawings that are produced without any break in-between.

  • FUJIHASHI Takashi

    Born in 1963 | Lives in Kyoto City | Painting

    Drawing fine and smooth imaginary parks and towns, and foreign landscapes he sees in photographs in colored pencil, Takashi works in his unique and relaxed manner and with a certain rhythm. His use of color and his delicate touch represent his sensitivity and appear as a vivid world. He has recently found employment, and has been working hard at work alongside producing art.

  • MATSUBARA Hikaru

    Born in 1975 | Lives in Kyoto City | Embroidery

    Matsubara Hikaru's embroidered pieces depict ships and airplanes he has seen along his travels and flowers that bloom in the garden each season. When his heart is filled with sorrow after earthquake, melancholy animals appear in his canvases, reflecting hissadness. When visiting temples and shrines, if he is touched by something, his flower petals will show unique patterns. In his repetitive everyday, the repetitive movements of his needle string together his artistic vision in a splash of color.

  • MITSUSHIMA Takayuki

    Born in 1954 | Lives in 京都市 | 平面, 立体, インスタレーション


  • MINO Ayako

    Born in 1993 | Lives in 京都府舞鶴市 | 平面

    She mainly had been creating a lot of drawings about Japanese history to attract a certain staff's attention who is working at the facility which she uses.
    However he hardly loved her back, so she takes up with ICHIKAWA Ennosuke who is a kabuki actor as 'new sweetheart', and draws him nowadays.
    Most of the works are drawn with a ballpoint, and the locus' round trip makes her unique lines combining sharpness and fluctuation.