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The works and other artistic expressions produced by people with disabilities embody a rich world of creation.

However, it is not unusual for these works to be lost or disappear without receiving proper recognition. In addition, there is a lack of information regarding the creative activities that are being undertaken at individual welfare facilities and artists’ homes.

In light of these circumstances, we have assembled this digital archive of creative expressions by people with disabilities who are residents of Kyoto Prefecture with the aim of recording, preserving, compiling a database, exhibiting, marketing, and merchandising these works, and coordinating projects with companies and other organizations. Through this website, we hope to bring more attention to these expressions and to increase the opportunities to put the works to practical use.


Mar. 2015
Kyoto Prefecture Action Plan: “Culture and Arts Promotion Plan for Symbiotic Society” is established. We aim to raise understanding of people with disabilities and implement their social participation through their artistic activities by studying, collecting, categorizing and archiving works created by people with disabilities, and disseminating information on their art works.
Jun. 2017
First meeting is held, reviewing artists and their archives.
Jul. 2017
Second meeting is held, discussion on website launch.
Sep. 2017
Eligible artists are contacted and asked for cooperation from their welfare facilities, artworks are reviewed, lease agreements for artworks are signed.
Feb. 2018
Third meeting is held, archives organized.
Mar. 2018
Fourth meeting is held, discussions on what is to be published.

Digital Archive

What artworks are eligible for the digital archives?

The artworks listed on the digital archives are selected from an exhibition called “Kyoto Totteoki no Geijutsusai” (a project with open applications run by Kyoto Prefecture since 1995) and other exhibitions. The hunt for artists with potential is continued mainly through selecting works from exhibitions and visiting welfare facilities to see and match candidates with this project.

Note on featured art

The art stored in this archive is protected by copyright.
Unauthorized referral, modification and commercial use of the artwork are strictly prohibited.


Support for Persons with Disabilities Division, Department of Health and Welfare, Kyoto Prefecture
〒602-8570, Yabunouchi-cho, Nishiiru, Shinmachi, Shimodachiuri-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
TEL : 075-414-4603 FAX : 075-414-4597

art space co-jin Kyoto Culture and Art Promotion Organization for People with Disabilities
〒602-0853, 1F, Les Frères, 83, Miyagaki-cho, Kojinguchi-agaru, Kawaramachi-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
TEL & FAX : 050-1110-7655 Web:https://co-jin.jp/

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The following are programs regarding the works and creative activities by people with disabilities: