Story of works

Texture of UNI Hidehiro’s paintings

Tue, Jul 16, 2019

Hidehiro Uni loves mixing and painting with colour. The texture of a picture (matieres) that only appears once you move in for a closer look has a certain sort of powerful expression and a unique attraction that cannot be conveyed through a photo taken from the front alone. The artist's hand movements and the process of drawing can be seen, such as the touch of the brush, the rough painting with a painting knife, the overlapping of thin melted paints; the joys of painting are transmitted through this very texture.


  • UNI Hidehiro

    UNI Hidehiro became a member of Atelier Uoof when he was a junior high school student. Back then, his pictures often did not fit on the small sheets of papers he used; instead they became three-dimensional, cut up, pasted and put together. Soon he showed his talent in oil painting. Drawing a horizontal line in the canvas produces an image in him, which feature dynamic composition and youthful and surreal color palettes. He continues his creative work at his own pace at Atelier Uoof as well.