KAWAMURA Akio Introduction Video

Thu, Apr 29, 2021

The exhibition “CONNECT⇄_ 2021: Connect, Continue, Expand” was held in Okazaki, Kyoto City in December 2020. The annual event “Kyoto Totteoki no Geijutsusai” organised by the Kyoto prefectural government collaborated with the event in that year. The exhibiting artists, Mr. YONEDA Yuji and Mr. KAWAMURA Akio participating in this archive, were featured in the interviewed video for the exhibition.

撮影・編集:Ufer! Art Documentary
Music:Grut by Patrick Patrikios



    KAWAMURA Akio has always loved drawing pictures. His works from around 2010 have been stored in the social welfare facility “DO”. He often draws pictures in his room at the welfare facility, even outside of his club activity hours, and continues to confront his sketchbook until he feels it is enough. The number of such sketchbooks exceeds 100, and eventually they all turn out to be colorfully detailed, looking slightly the same but also slightly different. There is a certain world of Mr. Kawamura which is being spread outwards. He particularly likes Tokyo Tower, and colorfully draws places such as Downtown Tokyo, centered on Tokyo Tower as well as Lake Biwa and Mount Hiei.