YONEDA Yuji Introduction Video

Thu, Apr 29, 2021

The exhibition “CONNECT⇄_ 2021: Connect, Continue, Expand” was held in Okazaki, Kyoto City in December 2020. The annual event “Kyoto Totteoki no Geijutsusai” organised by the Kyoto prefectural government collaborated with the event in that year. The exhibiting artists, Mr. YONEDA Yuji and Mr. KAWAMURA Akio participating in this archive, were featured in the interviewed video for the exhibition.

撮影・編集:Ufer! Art Documentary
Music:Grut by Patrick Patrikios


  • YONEDA Yuji

    He begun to photograph with his mother’s mobile phone when he in the upper grades at elementary school. He got a digital camera when he was in the 3rd grade at junior high school, and ever since then he has been serious about photography. In his photos, he captures things like the scenery from his neighbour’s, everyday meals, cats, soft serve ice cream, people he has met and the sky from his own perspective, all the things that are all around him.