Interview about MINO Ayako

Wed, May 20, 2020

Regarding the artwork production of Ms. Mino Ayako, we interviewed supporters of the Mizunagi Kawara Gakuen facility, where she attends. This footage was created for the exhibition of "Kyosei Art Festival DOUBLES" (2019) sponsored by this institution. The theme of the exhibition focuses on not only the artworks, but also the "someone" or the “something” that was a part of the process in creating her work. Therefore, as the focus was on the relationship with “someone” or “something”, the content of the interview also focuses on the relationship with Ichikawa Ennosuke, a Kabuki actor, and the staff of the facility. The final scene of the footage features a rehearsal scene of "Theatrical Company Shika" produced by Mizunagi Kahara Gakuen.


  • MINO Ayako

    She mainly had been creating a lot of drawings about Japanese history to attract a certain staff's attention who is working at the facility which she uses.
    However he hardly loved her back, so she takes up with ICHIKAWA Ennosuke who is a kabuki actor as 'new sweetheart', and draws him nowadays.
    Most of the works are drawn with a ballpoint, and the locus' round trip makes her unique lines combining sharpness and fluctuation.