Interview with GOTO Minoru

Tue, Mar 2, 2021

Mr. GOTO Minoru creates powerful pictures with his unique division of color surfaces and color schemes. We interviewed him to find out the background behind the creation of his paintings. We asked Mr. KINOTO Masayuki of Swing, a non-profit organization to which Mr. GOTO goes, to interview him to tell us various things, such as how he started painting, changes art materials, writing on the back side of paper, and how he decides on the title. We get a glimpse of Mr. Goto's personality and his commitment to painting, which we could not see from the picture screen alone.

出演:GOTO Minoru、KINOTO Masayuki(NPO Corporation SWING)
場所:NPO Corporation SWING

撮影:FUNATO Ayako(The Kyoto Archive of Art by People with Disabilities)
編集:IMAMURA Ryosuke(The Kyoto Archive of Art by People with Disabilities)