GOTO Minoru

Born in 1968 | Lives in Kyoto Prefecture | Painting

Specified Nonprofit Corporation Swing


Minoru Goto has been affiliated with the Specified Nonprofit Corporation “Swing” since 2011. He started drawing pictures after he participated in a workshop in 2013.

Minoru is a quiet, sincere, and serious person. His painting style features accurate and realistic drawings that reflect his personality. When he cannot fit a motif on one side of the paper, he continues drawing on the reverse of the paper, which is quite unconventional. His distinctive and brilliant coloring is also very beautiful.


京都とっておきの芸術祭 佳作「マンドリル」
京都とっておきの芸術祭 京都府知事賞「淋しいゴリラ」
ポコラート全国公募展Vol.7 入選 「昼下がりの野良猫」「綺麗な花が見える」
ビッグ・アイ アートプロジェクト2017 佳作「夜明け前、新天地へ」 京都とっておきの芸術祭 優秀賞「月明りに照らされて」

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