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Documentation video of MATSUBARA Hikaru

Mon, Jul 8, 2019

Hikaru Matsubara produces his works beside a large south facing window in a room on the second floor of her house. The comfortable rays of sunlight filter in through the window overlooking the garden where various plants grow, and with the back of a shelf that contains hundreds of colored threads acquired from an old handicraft store he showed us how he threads cloth in his own regular manner.


  • MATSUBARA Hikaru

    MATSUBARA Hikaru's embroidered pieces depict ships and airplanes he has seen along his travels and flowers that bloom in the garden each season. When his heart is filled with sorrow after earthquake, melancholy animals appear in his canvases, reflecting hissadness. When visiting temples and shrines, if he is touched by something, his flower petals will show unique patterns. In his repetitive everyday, the repetitive movements of his needle string together his artistic vision in a splash of color.

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